Printing problems - Bachelor Thesis - Language and Business Communication

If you experience any problems in printing your bachelor's thesis, you must hand in floppy discs/CD-ROM with the project, in order to respect the deadline.

It is important that you hand in the final project on the discs/CD-ROM – not just the text. Everything including table of contents, conclusion, list of sources used, diagrams and tables must be on the discs/CD-ROM.

The discs/CD-ROM must be handed in no later than Monday, May 15, 11.00 PM, at the Registrar's Office, B4.

We recommend that you contact The Student Counsellor's Office at the same time.

You now have until Wednesday, May 17, 12.00 PM to get the thesis printed and hand in the printed version of the thesis.

Even though you have handed in the discs/CD-ROM, you must respect the date for the paper version. Otherwise you will be registered as not having handed in the thesis.

It is NOT allowed to make changes in the thesis after the discs/CD-ROM has been handed in.

It is the content on the discs/CD-ROM that will be graded.

However, you are allowed to change the structure of the text, e.g. changing the order of the sections, put in the figures etc.

If any changes in the text are found when it is compared to the content on the discs/CD-ROM, the thesis may be rejected.

This means that you must write a new bachelor's thesis in the fall of 2006 - and that you may not begin the Master programme in September 2006.

If you have any further questions, you are always welcome to contact the Student Counsellor's Office.

Yours sincerely

The Student Counsellor's Office

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