Reexamination – Submission in WISEflow

Submit you exam paper in the correct format. In the following you can find information on how to hand in your paper correctly.

Your exam paper must be submitted in the correct format (PDF) and receipt received before the exam period's completion time. If your exam paper is received after the deadline, it will be rejected and you use an exam attempt.

Aarhus BBS cannot accept exam papers that have been submitted after the submission deadline and have not been submitted in the correct format. 

It is always the PDF-file that has been submitted in WISEflow, which is sent to assessment, meaning you cannot submit any attachments or other parts of your paper after you have submitted.

On the day of the exam, you are recommended:

  • Commence your submission in good time.
  • Double check that it is the correct file you have uploaded, and that it contains all your appendices (incl. bibliography and references).
  • Contact the WISEflow-support in good time before the deadline for submission (tel. 87166119), if you experience problems uploading. You can also call BSS IT support (tel. 87150933). 

Please note that you cannot submit your exam paper to the teacher or other employees, but must follow the instructions you receive from the IT Support team.

Prior to the exam, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with your study portal’s information under Exams/Digital exam and:

  • test a demo exam (Demoflow), so you are aware of how it all works.
  • read the guidelines for digital exams regarding your type of exam
  • read the FAQ about digital exams
  • make sure you know how to convert your paper to a PDF-file and how to handle problems that may arise in this context. 

General points of attention:

  • The exam paper must be submitted in PDF format (maximum file size 200 MB)
  • Appendix material can be submitted in other file formats (maximum file size 5 GB)

Read more about digital exams and get answers to your questions on your study portal under the exam/Digital exams section.

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