Registration for ordinary summer exams 2014

Remember to sign up for the ordinary summer exams 2014.

2014.02.07 | Majbritt Nielsen

Please check your registrations for the ordinary Summer exams 2014. If you are not registered for all your exams please do the following:

Bachelor: From February 15 – March 1, 2014, you may sign up for the ordinary summer exams 2014, if you participated in an exam last summer and did not pass. This is only relevant for students who have not already been in contact with BSS Study Service in regards to this matter. You may sign up at (The Self Service).

Students already enrolled in courses this semester are automatically signed up for the exam. However, you are responsible for checking whether or nor your exam registrations have been approved. If a registration has been declined you must contact BSS Study Service.If you have doubts whether you have passed an exam or not please check your study guide on the Subject Portal.

Kandidat: Please check at Self-service if you are registered for all your Summer exams. If not, please contact us before March 1st 2014:

If you study one of these specialisations, please contact Pernille Hasselflug (
Finance, Finance and International Business, Auditing, Management Accounting and Control, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and International Economic Consulting.

If you study one of these specialisations, please contact Julie R. Carstens (
Commercial Law, EU Business and Law, Strategy, Organisation and Leadership, International Business, Information Management, Marketing, Consumer Affairs Management, Business Intelligence, Innovation Management and IT, Communication and Organisation.

Kind Regards
BSS Study Service