Students in the finals of international case competition

A group of students from Aarhus BSS have qualified for the finals of the international case competition, the Ad Venture Competition. The winning team will have their campaign implemented throughout the entire ESA organisation in Europe, and it is a great stepping stone to further their careers.

2015.05.20 | Susie Munk Jensen

A group of students from the Marketing Communications course at Aarhus BSS have qualified for the finals of the international case competition, the Ad Venture Competition. This year’s assignment was to design a campaign for the European Space Agency (ESA) – a campaign to promote the advantages of space travel technology to European citizens. 

“The winners of the case competition will have their solution implemented throughout the entire ESA organisation in Europe. It’s a real assignment and a real client, which makes this competition genuinely interesting,” explains Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, who is associate professor at the Department of Management at Aarhus BSS and supervisor for the group.

Designing this case has been an integral part of the Marketing Communication course, and according to Jessica Aschemann-Witzel there is great learning potential in this kind of work, because it gives the students a chance to apply the course theories in practice.

“The fact that the case has been integrated into the course has given us a chance to discuss and apply the theories in other ways, and we have gotten a lot of support and guidance from our lecturers throughout the entire process,” says Eva Schwendel, one of the five students in the group.

Stepping stone to a future career
A case competition such as this one is not just an opportunity to test theories in practice. It may also be a stepping stone for the students to further their careers beyond graduation. So says Marianne Hjaltelin, who is strategic director of the ad agency Hjaltelin Stahl, who has also been guest lecturer on the Marketing Communication course.

“The competitions for jobs in this line of business is tough, and as a new graduate it can be hard to gain a foothold when all you have to show for yourself is an empty CV. So getting to the finals or winning a competition like this can be a great advantage. It shows that you’ve made that extra effort and taken your education into your own hands. It makes you stand out in a crowd,” explains Marianne Hjaltelin, who has also read the case the group will be presenting at the finals.

“They’ve done a great job, and I really hope they will win,” she concludes – and of course the students are also hoping for a win.

“We’re of course hoping we’ll be able to go all the way and win the competition. But we’re also looking forward to going to Paris and presenting our case to the jury.  We’re so happy that we’ve come this far, and it wouldn’t really be fair to be disappointed if we don’t win,” says Eva Schwendel.

The other members of Eva Schwendel’s group are Maria Paternoga, Laura Solcan, Diana Nielsen and Julia Michalczak. In addition to the group from Aarhus BSS, two other groups have also qualified for the finals of the Ad Venture Competition 2015. The winning team will be announced on Friday 22 May in Paris.