Task force to ensure collaboration and find solutions

Students will along with a working group consisting of interdepartmental representatives ensure that no tasks at BSS remain unsolved. The group will meet every three weeks to address large as well as minor tasks.

2012.10.29 | Andreas G. Jensby

Interdepartmental representatives to ensure collaboration at BSS. Foto: Colourbox

An interdepartmental task force for BSS has been established to gain an overview of the issues characterising the start of this academic year. The group focuses on assigning priority to specific, jointly identified focus areas, planning the implementation of solutions and systematically following up on the projects. This will give students a chance to describe the problems from a user perspective.

Examples of projects include the implementation of the new, joint Learning Management System 'Blackboard', but less complex tasks such as signs on BSS buildings and finding Friday bar venues are also addressed.

- We have recognised the need for appointing a group of key representatives from both the students, the Dean's Office, the administration, and various departments who together will ensure that the current issues are followed up on and solved, making us better prepared for the next semesters, says Per Henriksen, Chief Adviser, Dean's Office.

The task force meets every three week to keep the process going and ensure internal coordination.

Task force participants

At the moment, the group consists of the following members, but more will be appointed if required. The deputy chairperson of the board of studies at BSS will also be included.

- Per Henriksen, Chief Adviser, Dean's Office
- Peder Østergaard, Vice-Dean for Education, Dean's Office
- Lene Hjøllund, Adviser, Dean's Office
- Nikolaj Harbjerg, Administration Centre Manager
- Mariann Holmslykke, Section Manager, Studies Administration
- Kirsten Jakobsen, Head of Administration, Department of Law
- Anni Bækgaard Langberg, Head of Studies Administration
- Erik Strøjer Madsen, Director of Studies, Department of Economics and Business
- Andreas Heuwinkel, Head of IT Support, AU IT
- Aase Bak, Head of Communication and Public Affairs, AU Communication
- Bente Wissing Brøndum, Manager of AU Executive
- Eigil Jensen, Head of Technical Administration
- Susanne Dalsgaard Krag, Library Manager, AU Library
- Deputy chairperson of the board of studies at BSS

Further information

Lene Hjøllund
Adviser, Dean's Office

Email: lh@adm.au.dk
Tel.: +45 5144 3012

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