The Informationen desk is closed

From 1. January 2014 the information desk at the main entrance at Fuglesangs Allé will be closed

2014.01.07 | Michael Mejlgaard Udby

Requests regarding the following, please contact the Janitors' office in building 2628-24 (M24):

  • Student identity card as key card
  • Forgotten belongings

Delivery of PC's, please contact the IT office in building 2627-26 (H206)

Requests regarding the exam, please contact BSS Study Service at Taasingegade, building 1443-021.

Handing in exam assignments takes place at BSS Study Service at Taasingegade, building 1443-021.

For any doubt or questions, please contact the reception and call center at:

Fuglesangs Allé 26
Building 2641 - room 127
8210 Aarhus V

Phone: 87 15 00 00

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday - 08.00-16.00
Friday                 - 08.00-15.00