The relocation process has started at ARTS and BSS

During 2012, many students will move out of their usual surroundings and move into new premises, with new facilities and new student environments. You can follow the process closely on your Study Portal as academic environments and teaching activities relocate at BSS and ARTS in 2012.

2012.04.27 | Didde Trolle Pedersen

The relocation icon at ARTS og BSS

The relocation is in process and while some departments and libraries have already moved to new premises, others are still waiting or getting ready. On your Study Portal, you can find information about who is moving, when they are moving and where they will move to.

So if you seek information about the future location of your teaching activities, the new student environment or the relocation of your teachers or student counsellors, the Study Portal is the place to go!

Continuous updates and more extensive information on your Study Portal
Your Study Portal will be continuously updated with more practical information about the new premises and facilities as the relocation moves closer.

It is important to notice that even though your study might not be particularly affected by the relocation process, your student counsellor, study administration or teacher might still be relocated!

The planning of schedules might take a bit longer than usual
Due to the relocation of various students and department as well as the implementation of a new common planning system, the planning of schedules might take a bit longer than usual. It is a big puzzle and many pieces have to fall into place. Therefore, it must be expected that some students will receive their final schedule a bit later this time around.

Keep an eye out for the relocation icon
The little hard working furniture remover is a common icon across BSS and ARTS, and it signals that something or someone is moving. The icon is used widely and it enables you quickly to recognize messages about the relocation process in various media, such as flyers, posters, info boards, your Study Portal etc.

Follow the relocation process at:

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