Theft at Fuglesangs Allé

After a few incidents of theft and attempted theft at Fuglesangs Allé, all students are encouraged to keep an eye on their personal belongings at all times. The police are keen to get in touch with the three students, who confronted a person trying to steal a laptop in the S Building on Monday.

2015.03.20 | Mette Gebauer Johannsen

In the past week, unauthorised persons have been seen lurking around the buildings at Fuglesangs Allé looking for valuables, and some unfortunate incidents have taken place.

The three perpetrators repeatedly tried to get access to offices, and in one case they succeeded in stealing a wallet and other valuables from an employee’s office. They also tried to steal a student’s laptop in the S Building, but luckily two students were able to prevent the theft.

The police would very much like to get in contact with the three students who directly confronted the thief in the S Building – see contact information below.

Keeping a watchful eye
The operating staff at Fuglesangs Allé will be keeping a very watchful eye out for any unauthorised persons lurking around campus and in the buildings.

We have expanded our agreement with the local security and guard dog service, who will also be patrolling around campus during the day – not just at night. We hope that our extra attention and the increased presence of security personnel will be enough to scare these perpetrators away.

Keep an eye on your personal belongings!
We would like to encourage all students to keep an eye on all your personal belongings. Don’t leave your laptop, mobile phone or wallet unattended at any time – not even for a minute.

Please contact the operating staff if you observe any suspicious events or behaviour
The operating staff will be ready to help at any time, and please contact us if you observe anyone acting suspiciously.  By doing so, you may help us seek out the persons and dismiss them from campus. However, please bear in mind that we cannot function as actual security guards.


Knud Simonsen

Buildings Inspector

Mobile: +45 21 18 62 74


The operating staff: +45 87 16 41 13 

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