Exemption for exams

Do you need an exemption for exams? Remember to apply for exemption as early as possible!

2019.12.02 | Marie Louise Bro Pold

If you need to apply for an exemption in connection with the exams in January (eg. extended time for an exam or fourth exam attempt), please make sure to apply for exemption no later than the 1st of December 2019.

During the Christmas Holiday (week 52 and 1) only applications regarding unforeseen special circumstances will be processed.

You can find more information about exemptions on your study portal under the menu option named ”Study counselling” at the left-hand side.

Please make sure to check you e-Boks regularly, as the Board of Study’s decision may be sent to you until the day before the exam.

 Remember, if you have received an exemption for extended time for the ordinary exams, it will be stated in the letter of exemption, if this also applies for the rexams. We therefore recommend that you read the decision carefully and follow the instructions stated in the letter.

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Aarhus BSS Student services