Update - personal timetables will be ready in January

Unfortunately, some time tables will be delayed due to technical problems.

2012.12.20 | Camilla Ransborg Kirkegaard

Given that the planning can be made without any further problems, we expect that the personal time tables will be ready on the following revised dates. Should any further changes be made, we will keep you updated.

The proces of scheduling the courses is ongoing. Therefore, it may be possible to find the courses earlier if you search by title instead of using the personal time tables.

  • Law                                                                              7. January
  • MA in Business Adm. & Commercial Law                           11. January (changed to 15 January)
  • Political Sciences                                                           11. January (changed to 15 January)
  • Psychology                                                                   21. January
  • Business Administration (BA/MA)                                     11. January (changed to 15 January)
  • Economics and Management (BA/MA)                               11. January (changed to 15 January)
  • Business Communication                                                18. January (changed to 23 January)

If you have questions, please contact the study administration of School of Business and Social Sciences at studieadm.bss@au.dk