Workshop - scientific communication

Are you about to write your Master's thesis? The Department of Economics and Business Economics and the Department of Management invites students about to write their Master's thesis to workshops about scientific writing and communication.

This course is aimed at students who want to prepare for writing a Master’s thesis – and in light of the study progress reform, preparation has become even more vital.  The course draws on the literature of academic writing and research in the field, and focuses on how to translate this theoretical knowledge into practice.

Attending this series of three workshops will ensure that you have access to consistently-proven tools and strategies at each step at the way of writing a Masters’ thesis. For each step – finding a topic, defining a research questions/problem statement, locating literature, writing, revising and getting the most out of supervision, plenty of well-documented strategies and tools exist that can be used to optimize the process. The goal is not to pretend that writing a Master’s thesis could (or should) be an easy and neat experience, but to focus on how to handle the problems that are bound to arise along the way.

Please note, it is important that you sign up for the course before 18 October 2015.

Read more about the course here: Workshop - scientific communication

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