Your study portal has changed

When you access your study portal from now on, you will find that it looks a little different than usual.

2015.06.08 | Marie Louise Bro Pold

User surveys have shown that AU students are using their study portals actively to perform information searches that are crucial for their studies. But unfortunately, the surveys also suggest that a lot of students have a hard time navigating the study portals and finding the right information.

To alleviate such problems, a cross-faculty working group has been appointed and have been asked to develop a more user-friendly study portal structure. Accordingly, all study portals have undergone a thorough analysis through a range of user tests and with the involvement of the students. These user tests have yielded a great deal of knowledge about how the students think the study portal should look. The working group have developed a new structure based on the users’ needs and wishes, which should make it a lot easier for the students to navigate the study portals. This new structure has been partially implemented on your study portal, and we will be implementing further changes continuously.

This new structure also means that a lot of information/websites on your study portal have been moved around, and in some cases you will find that old links no longer work.

Should you have any questions regarding the new structure or need help finding specific information, you are very welcome to contact student counsellor Majbritt Nielsen ( or Marie Louise Bro Pold (


Best regards,
The student counsellors