Target your CV

Would you like to master the skill of writing a noticeable CV for your job applications? This event will improve your competences regardless of your experiences with creating a CV.

2021.06.22 | Aarhus BSS Career

Date Mon 13 Sep
Time 15:00 16:30
Location Online via Zoom

How would you put words to your personal and professional experience and competences in front of a potential future employer?

The CV is a compressed and focused description of your skills as they appear from the employer’s perspective. By using the right grasps and tools everyone can learn how to target their CV. Together we will dive into the process of creating a remarkable CV, when Carina Fogsgaard Christensen, study- and career consultant at CA Career Partner and A-kasse, presents you to real examples from the actual job market.

During the webinar you will gain:

-         Tools for identifying and refining typical mistakes in the CV
-         Guides to facilitating your competences in a successful way
-         Examples and templates for CV’s which led to job interviews
-         Expert’s answers on your questions about writing your CV

This event is offered by Aarhus BSS Career and CA Career Partner & A-Kasse. The event is part of JobBootcamp 2021 in collaboration with Jobcenter Aarhus.

The event is free and open for students, alumni members, and everyone else interested. 


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