Attention on first year exam rules

What is the first year exam rule?

According to the Examination Order all academic regulations for bachelor degree programmes must include a section regarding first year exams. This states a number of exams that new bachelor students must participate in and pass within the first year of study.

If you do not fulfill the requirements to the first year exam rules, you will be discontinued from your degree programme, unless you apply for and receive an exemption.

As a new bachelor student (commenced in 2016 or later) you must pass the first year exams within the first year of your degree programme.

You will find the courses that form part of your first year exams in the academic regulations.

Please note that special rules apply to new enrolment, if you are applying for re-admission to a degree programme you previously have been enrolled in. Go to this webpage for more information on re-admission.

First year exams rules at BSc(B)-programme

For bachelor students enrolled in the BSc(B)-programme you have to pass the following courses to fulfill the first year exam rules:

  • Mathematics (5 ECTS)
  • Business Statistics (5 ECTS)
  • Financial Accounting (10 ECTS)
  • Organisational behaviour (10 ECTS)

You will automatically be signed up for the first exam attempt in your first year exams and you cannot withdraw from these exams.

If you do not pass courses that are part of the first year exams at your first attempt, you must sign up for the reexamination. If you do not pass the courses on your second attempt you have to sign up for the last attempt at the reexamination in August.

You will find information about exam registration here at your study portal.