Gartner core IT research

On this page, you can find information about the online service Gartner CORE IT research, which provides access to independent research on IT-related topics, including reports, opinions, case studies and best practice. Gartner is a recognised source of research data. 

How to get access

With Gartner core IT research you get access to

  • Spotlights: reflections on topical customer issues based on different perspectives.
  • Special reports: reports on themes that range from research focused on technology and business, in-depth strategic analyses of trends and developments in industries, suppliers, products and services.
  • Published research: with a focus on companies, products, markets, decision models, tactical instructions, case studies and the basis for strategical decisions. 
  • Magic Quadrants: Information that can be used to understand a potential supplier. 
  • Hype Cycles: information on technological trends and products.    


You can use Gartner core IT research to, for example

  • find case studies that demonstrate how learning can be used in real life scenarios.
  • gain a practical understanding of how organisations rethink their processes in order to increase revenue and reduce costs.
  • understand and keep yourself updated on the technological tools that are available when implementing new strategies.
  • find inspiration for how to improve interviews etc. with companies.

Any questions?

If you experience problems logging in, you can contact your local IT support. Find contact information to the right.