Application to host university

If you are allocated an exchange place, you will automatically be nominated to the host university. You will then have to complete an application to your host university. You will be informed about the application to the host university by email from AU or directly from your host university.

Please note that being recommended for an exchange place is no guarantee of admission to your host university. During the process of applying to the host university, a situation may arise which AU was not able to foresee when allocating the exchange place. At the end of the day, the host university decides whether to admit you or not.

Questions concerning application process at host university

The host university is in charge of the application form/online application system and will be responsible for processing your application. If you have questions concerning the application process, please read the information you have received from the host university, visit their webpage or send an email directly to the host university.

Most universities will process applications after their application deadline. If you wish to know, when you should expect to receive confirmation of your admission, please also contact the host university directly. 

Supporting documents for application to host university

Transcript of Records: Most students will need to submit a Transcript of Records along with their application to the host university. You can print this from Self Service ( or request a signed copy by emailing

Documentation of English proficiency: Some students may be required by the host university to submit documentation of English proficiency when applying for admission. Please see information about language requirements in the MoveON database.   

Financial documentation: Some students may be required by the host university to submit financial documentation. This typically consists of:

  • A letter from your bank confirming that you have access to X amount
  • If you receive SU, a letter from SU concerning the amount you will receive during the period (contact

Make sure that any letters you submit are official (with letter head and signature and a stamp). 

Visa or Residence permit

The host university usually provides information to students about visa/residence permit. If information is not included in emails or available on the host university webpage, please contact the host university directly. The host university may also refer you to the local representation (embassy or consulate).