Credit transfer

When you return from your study abroad, you must apply for credit transfer of the courses you have passed at the host university. There is no deadline for applying for credit transfer, but you are obligated to apply as soon as you have received your transcript of records from the host university. This is typically 4 to 6 weeks after the final exam at your host university. If the host university sends your transcript of records to Aarhus BSS International, you will be contacted and asked to pick up the document at Aarhus BSS International or in Herning (room 1005). 

Application for credit transfer

Before you apply for credit transfer of courses from your study abroad, you must make sure that your transcript from the host university and your application for credit transfer matches your pre-approval (the pre-approval was sent to your E-Boks or alternatively your AU student email). Course number, course title and number of credits on your transcript of records must match your pre-approval. Any courses which have not been pre-approved must be pre-approved before they can be transferred. 

You apply for credit transfer at You will find "Apply for credit transfer for a course you have taken at another educational institution" under "Submit an application to your board of studies". The following three documents should be uploaded: 

  • Pre-approval Letter (document should be called pre-approval)
  • Transcript of Records from host university (document should be called pre-approval) (document should be called transcript)
  • An overview of the grading system used at the host university (document should be called grading scale)  

Suggestions on how to complete the application at

  • 'Which courses did enroll in?': Write "Electives"
  • 'To what course/group do you request pre-liminary approval?': Write "Electives"
  • 'Number of ECTS applied for': Choose the combined total of credits (Typically 20, 25 or 30 ECTS) 

The transcript can be provided electronically, but must appear as electronically verified or with a stamp and signature from the host university. Print outs from self service modules or similar will not be accepted. 

Please be aware that you can only transfer courses in groups of 5 ECTS. If you have passed four courses of eight ECTS each you will only be able to transfer 30 ECTS and not 32 ECTS. Note that credits will never be rounded up but always down. As you are transferring all your courses passed during your study abroad as a group of electives, it is not the individual course that is rounded down, but total amount of ECTS.

For students transferring mandatory courses, other rules apply (GMM-students only). Contact your international coordinator for further information.

Courses passed during study abroad will be transferred as passed. Your grades will not count towards your grade point average, but the course titles and local grades will appear on your final certificate from Aarhus BSS. 

When your application has been processed you will receive an email. Within approximately two weeks from receiving this email will you be able to see the transferred credits on