Erasmus scholarship for studies abroad

What is an Erasmus grant, and on what conditions is it granted?

Each year, Aarhus University applies for EU funding to finance Erasmus grants for studies abroad. Erasmus grants are given to AU students who are going to be studying at one of Aarhus University's partner universities within the Erasmus programme.

If you go abroad to study under the Erasmus programme several times in the course of your studies, you may be granted a scholarship more than once. As a student, you can be granted a scholarship for a maximum of 12 months during your Bachelor degree programme, 12 months during your Master's degree programme and 12 months at PhD level.

Your stay at the host institution must be for a period of between 3 and 12 months. Your stay abroad must not prolong your studies, and your studies abroad must be eligible for credit transfer and be counted as part of your studies at AU. You are expected to do at least 20 ECTS per semester to be eligible for the scholarship.

UK and Brexit
UK is no longer a part of the Erasmus+ programme. You can still apply for an exchange to UK, but not as an Erasmus+ student. 

When and how do I apply for an Erasmus grant?

Automatically nominated for the Eramus+ grant
Once you have been nominated for a student place within the Erasmus programme, you are automatically considered for an Erasmus grant. You do not have to submit a separate application for the grant.

The International Office under AU Student Administration and Services allocates the Erasmus grants to all students at Aarhus University who are travelling abroad as ERASMUS students. The International Office is notified by your faculty, once you have been nominated for a student place. You will then receive an email sent directly to you, with more information about the Erasmus grant.

When will you receive further info about the grant?
Students going abroad in the Autumn semester will be nofified during the month of March. 
Students going abroad in the Spring semester will be notified no later than during the month of September. 

What is the size of the grants?

The grants vary in size from year to year, depending on the amount of funding received by AU from the EU.

The size of the grant will depend on the country you are travelling to and the lenght of your mobility period. There is no fixed rate for all. If you are going to a country where the cost of living is high, you can expect to receive a larger scholarship than if you are going to a country with lower living expenses. The difference between the two rates is not significant.

The grants amount to around EUR 470-500 a month during your stay.

As soon as AU receive the funding you will receive further information. 

Be aware there is no guarantee that all Erasmus+ students will receive the grant (it depends on the funding). But experience shows that there will be grants available for all Erasmus+ students. 

Language assessment test

Erasmus students will be asked to undertake an online language assessment test, both at the start and end of their study abroad period. EU would like to measure the effect of a period of study abroad in terms of language proficiency. The test is compulsory, but not particularly comprehensive. The test result has no bearing on your studies abroad or your scholarship. The test will be in your primary language of instruction abroad (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian).

Blue European Health Insurance Card

To be eligible for an Erasmus grant, you must have a European Health Insurance Card (the blue EU health insurance card). From 1 August 2014, the yellow health insurance card no longer covers travel health insurance outside Denmark. The blue health insurance card is free. The blue health insurance card does not cover all situations, and we therefore recommend that you think about taking out travel insurance or find out how you are covered under your existing insurance policy. 

Learning agreement

It is an EU requirement that all Erasmus students have a so-called learning agreement. The document is a bit like a preliminary approval, where you list the subjects which you will be doing abroad and the number of ECTS credits earned for each subject. Your learning agreement must be signed both by a representative for your course at AU and your host university.

Documentation required

You must submit the following documentation to the International Office. You will receive further information by email about the required documentation.  

  • Learning agreement
  • Transcript of records (from your host university)
  • Documentation for participation in language course, if any
  • Complete online evaluation form (link will be sent to you from the EU at the end of your stay)

International Office, Erasmus+

Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4, Building 1650

8000 Aarhus C

T.: 8715 0220

Are you an Erasmus+ student waiting for news about the grant?
All Erasmus+ students will be automatically nominated for the grant. You will receive further information from us as soon as we are news. 
Students going abroad in the Autumn semester will be nofified during the month of March. 
Students going abroad in the Spring semester will be notified during the month of June.