Room booking

The booking portal is currently inoperative


At the moment, rooms cannot be booked through due to an error in the booking portal.

As a student, you are welcome to use the empty rooms (group rooms and classrooms), but please note that the room can be booked for teaching during the day.

The teaching are first in line and it may be necessary for you to move to another place during the day.

Book vacant classrooms and group rooms online

On the page, students at Aarhus BSS and Aarhus University can book vacant classrooms and group rooms online.

You can book the rooms no earlier than three days in advance

When you book vacant classrooms and groups rooms, we encourage you to:

  •  Help us utilise the rooms as efficiently as possible. Please choose a room in a size that fits your purpose and the number of participants – with space enough for distance and other health-related considerations.
  • Please check if you might be able to use the study spaces in 2610(S) at Fuglesangs Allé instead. These can not be booked via You will find the study spaces on the page studieområder.

Please be aware of the following: 

  • If you fail to show up within the first 15 minutes of your booking time, the booking will be annulled
  • Special circumstances and changes can happen and if AU needs the room for another purpose, the person/group who has booked the room must leave. In this case, we will notify the person who booked the room via email.
  • If you need assistance, please contact Student Services 

Which rooms can you book?


  • Fuglesangs Allé
  • The North-Eastern Corner
  • Tåsingegade

Book group rooms

  • Fuglesangs Allé
  • The North-Eastern Corner
  • Herning Campus