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Signing up for courses (teaching)

If you follow the prescribed study programme you will automatically be signed up for all compulsory courses (teaching and examinations) in the current semester.
Signing up for electives takes place according to the procedure described under 'Electives'.

If you do not follow the prescribed study programme, you must ensure that you register for the compulsory courses. This applies to both teaching and examinations. Registration is made by contacting the study administrator within the registration period. The registration period for the compulsory courses takes place in the same registration period as the elective courses.

Please note that you will not automatically be signed up for teaching/courses that you may have failed. The possibility of being re-registered for teaching/lectures will depend on the rules of your study.  If your study permits re-registering for teaching/lectures, you must also contact the study administrator within the stated registration period.
If you do not wish to re-register for the lectures but only wish be registered for your 2nd or 3rd exam attempt, please go to the procedures for exam registration.

Please notice, that courses may overlap if you decide to postpone a course to a later semester. For instance, if you deregister from a compulsory course at your second semester and plan to take it on your forth semester, it may overlap with other forth semester courses.

When you send the e-mail you must write all the courses that you want to sign up for. Please remember to list your student number.