Presentations of electives

The lecturers' presentations of elective courses in the autumn of 2020

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus situation, we are not able to organise an information meeting this year about the electives on your 5th semester. Instead, the lecturers have offered to make additional presentations of the courses, which you see below listed according to the course clusters.

Please note that not all lecturers have had the opportunity to submit presentations, and therefore not all elective courses are presented below. To get an overview of the complete range of elective courses, please go to 'List of electives', where you will also find the link to all course descriptions in the AU Course Catalogue.

Presentations of courses in cluster F

Tværfagligt Politologisk-erhvervsøkonomisk valgfag

Presentations of courses in cluster G

We do not have presentations for the courses in this cluster. We recommend that you read about the courses in the course descriptions in the AU Course Catalogue instead.