MSc in Economics and Business Adm.

Registration deadlines

  • Registration for electives in the autumn semester: 1 - 5 May
  • Registration for electives in the spring semester: 1 - 5 November

Various types of electives

If you follow the prescribed course of study, your electives, corresponding to 30 ECTS, are placed in the 3rd semester.  

Due to the various types of electives, this means that you can choose between the following options: 

Pre-approval and credit transfer

If you wish to attend courses outside your programme/university you must apply for a pre-approval well in advance. In the following link you can find information about applying for pre-approval of courses from other studies.  

List of electives

You can read about the different courses in the AU course catalogue. Search for the programme 'Master's Degree Programme in Economics and Business Administration'.

Course clusters
To avoid overlap between classes and exams, the planning of the teaching and exam activities on the MSc in Economics and Business Administration takes point of departure in course clusters. The course clusters comprise courses within the same subject area. The time tables and the exam schedules are planned so as avoid overlap between classes and/or exams within the course cluster. Classes and/or exams pertaining to courses from different course clusters may, however, overlap. You can choose freely between courses in the course cluster which best suits your study programme.

Course clusters autumn 2019

Course clusters spring 2019

If you choose courses from different course clusters, and the time table reveal an overlap between classes and, you may choose another elective course before the semester starts.

Preapproved courses at MSc in Economics and Management
If you are interested in courses from the study programme cand.oecon./MSc in Economics and Management, please check out the list of the preapproved courses for the Master's Degree Programme in Economics and Business Administration'.


You sign up for electives online at Then click on “Student Self-Service (STADS)”. You need to use the registration form for your own programme. 

If you were not admitted to the requested courses, e.g. due to cancellation or restricted admission, you will be contacted and receive information by your student mail in order to have the possibility to register for courses that have available seats after the registration deadline.  

AU Summer University

The registration deadline for AU Summer University courses is different from the electives. You can find information about AU Summer University courses at AU Summer Univerity.  

Deregistering electives

After the registration deadlines, registrations will be final for all students who were admitted to the courses/electives they applied for. This means that you cannot deregister or exchange your electives after the deadlines. 

Students can only deregister from one or more courses in connection with: 

  • Project-based internship (according to the regulations governing this) 
  • Studies abroad (exchange and free movers, according to the regulations governing this)
  • Enrollment as guest student at another study programme/educational institution.

If none of the 3 above-mentioned reasons for deregistration apply to you, you need to apply (and be granted) an exemption by the board of studies, in order to be deregistered courses/electives. Exemptions for deregistering/exchanging electives are granted only on the basis of a specific application and only in exceptional cases. You apply for an exemption at  

The board of studies is not able to grant an exemption for exchanging electives once you have used an exam attempt in the course. This applies regardless of whether you have received an 'U' (for being absent) or a numerical mark.