How do I convert my exam paper to pdf?

When you upload your exam paper to WISEflow, it must be a PDF file. With a PDF file it is impossible to change the content and formatting of the paper, which means that when your assessors open the file, it will look the same as when you submitted it. The uploaded PDF file corresponds to the paper version that students have previously been asked to print out and hand in.

NOTE: You cannot convert a Word document to PDF just by changing the file name. Instead, you should follow the guidelines below.

If you want to add digital material to supplement your exam paper (film, sound recordings, programmes, etc.), you should upload this material as “Appendix material”.

NOTE: Be careful when you upload your exam paper. Unfortunately, there are examples of students who upload a wrong file by mistake. The consequences of this are that your examination paper will not be graded and you will have used an examination attempt.

Special guidelines for converting assignments to PDF

Some students has experienced problems when converting their assignments to PDF. This is caused by so-called dynamic annotations, which can be marked checkboxes, highlights, underlining and so on. Dynamic annotations are both editable and also displayed inconsistently across different PDF-readers, why you cannot be sure that the paper you submit, looks the same for the teachers and assessors, as it does for you,

The problem only occurs rarely, but certain programs can add annotations in PDF´s by default - even if you did not add the annotations on purpose. Especially Microsoft Excel for Mac can cause problem with annotations.

As a students you can avoid the problems by "flatten" your file, and thereby make sure that your assignment can be submitted correct. You will find a guideline on the WISEflow website.

Picture of an error code in WISEflow due to annotations