Course Registration

  • Registration for courses in the spring semester:
    November 1-5
  • Registration for courses in the autumn semester:
    May 1-5

You sign up for courses at 

It is your own responsibility to check that you are registered for the correct courses at

You can only edit your registrations in the above-mentioned periods. When you register for a course, you are automatically enrolled in the exam.

Remember that you must update and have your study contract reapproved every time you make changes to your study programme. You can find the contract generator here

Are you a first-year student?

  • First-year students following the regular study plan will be enrolled in spring courses by the Study Administration.
  • If your study program differs from the regular study plan then you are responsible for course registration yourself.
  • After the first year all students are responsible for course registration themselves.

Do you have questions about course registration?

Please contact