Language tests

Several of AU's partner universities require that students document their language proficiency. In MoveON, you can see the specific language requirements applied by individual partner universities.

If you need to document your proficiency in English by means of either an IELTS or TOEFL test, you can read more about this below. The TOEFL test is offered at AU.

You can also read about the French test (DALF), which is offered in Copenhagen.


The TOEFL test is an American language test used in connection with applications for admission to English-language universities or programmes. The TOEFL test is globally recognised and can therefore generally always be used when you apply for admission to an English-language program.

The TOEFL test is offered in Aarhus and costs USD 250. Your results are valid for two years. Even though the test is carried out at AU, the university has nothing to do with the actual test.

You can also do the test in Copenhagen and in most major cities in the rest of the world.


The IELTS test is a British language test which is typically used by students applying for admission to universities in the UK, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.

The test is offered by EDU Denmark and is held in Copenhagen. This test costs DKK 1,450. 

'Studieskolen' in Copenhagen offers preparatory courses for the IELTS test.



If you need to document your French language skills, you can sign up for a DALF test. The test is offered by the French Ministry of Education and gives access to French universities.  

All exams are held at Institut français in Copenhagen.