Study groups

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Work with others – why?

Being part of a study group is a great advantage, both academically and socially, and you may find that your learning experience improves when you share your experiences, questions and doubts with the group.

Study groups supplement teaching by:

  • Summing up important points from the material and putting them into perspective
  • Working on important assignments and exercises
  • Practicing before important presentations and exams

A study group may also give you a sense of obligation towards your fellow students and provide a setting that promotes learning, for example by ensuring that you study throughout the semester and learn the syllabus.

There can also be a number of challenges associated with working together in a study group. On this website, we have gathered a lot of inspiration for you. Have a look around at the videos and exercises. The most important thing is that you try different things in order to find out what works best for you in a group context.

"To make a study group work it is important to be honest with each other, and to make sure everybody wants to be there", Ida Marie Faurholdt, student at Public Health Science.