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2011.07.07 |

Now accessible online: Audio from the recent conference "North Africa and the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities" - 27-28 May 2011f

Listen to audio recordings from international conference organised by CIR (Centre for Studies in Islamism and Radicalisation)

2011.06.30 |

Approaches to Development (U-landslære) - Spring 2012

A multidisciplinary course at Aarhus University - In the spring semester 2012, a multidisciplinary course entitled ”Approaches to Development” will be offered to students at the Aarhus University and the Danish School of Journalism. Applications no later than 1 December 2011 at

2011.05.27 |

PhD course: "An Overview of Experimental Methods" - by Professor Rose McDermott, Department of Political Science, Brown University

1-day PhD course on 22 September 2011. Organiser: Department of Political Science, Aarhus University. Deadline for applications: 15 September 2011.