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2006.04.26 |

Printing problems - Bachelor Thesis - Business Administration

If you get printing problems with your bachelor thesis, you must hand in floppy discs/CDrom with the project in order to respect the deadline. It is important, that you hand in the final project on the discs/CDrom – not just the text. Everything including table of contents, conclusion, list of sources used, diagrams and tables. The…

2011.05.13 |

PhD defence: ”Udviklingen af den forklarende journalistik: Baggrunde, bevæggrunde og betydninger” [The Development of Explanatory Journalism: Backgrounds, Motives and Implications]

To complete the PhD study programme in Political Science, journalist Flemming Tait Svith presents his PhD thesis, giving a public lecture followed by a defence.

2006.04.07 |

ASB meets criticism

A new evaluation report carried out by Denmark's Evaluation Institute (EVI), criticises that the BSc programme in Economics and Business Administration is offered in too many variations and at too many places, and states that many programmes lack the economic essence. ASB is, however, doing fairly well in these areas. Strengthened economic…

2007.06.04 |

Increasing satisfaction among students

A new survey carried out among 1,381 ASB students at all levels shows great satisfaction and a good image among the students. The results are better than in the last survey in 2005. On a scale from 0 – 100 (100=perfect, 50=pass), the students' overall satisfaction with ASB has increased from 60 to 63. The perception of ASB's…

2006.02.06 |

New exchange students at ASB

On 23-29 January, 140 exchange students were given an introduction to Aarhus and to ASB. We joined the students on the third day of the introductory week and went for a "cross town rally" in Aarhus where the students experienced the throbbing of Aarhus on an ordinary Thursday afternoon. It was also an opportunity to talk to some of the new…

2006.04.05 |

Course Evaluation: Courses have been selected

The courses for the spring evaluation have now been selected, and according to plan the evaluation will take place in the weeks before and after Easter. Teachers of the selected courses will receive an envelope with the questionnaires for class distribution 10 minutes before ending the class. After the students' answering the questionnaire, a…