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2006.02.23 |

Interested in a career within management consulting?

The Boston Consulting Group is one of the world's leading companies within strategic counselling and e-commerce strategy. BCG's goal is to recruit and keep a workforce which is determined to make a difference for our clients and the company. We come from different educational studies, but in common we posses a long academic education as…

2007.03.05 |

Summer University off to a flying start

The U wing at ASB will once again be transformed into an international academic melting pot when Summer University 2007 opens its doors to students and lecturers from all over the world. What began as a pilot balloon in 2006 has now come off to a flying start, and no less than 140 highly qualified lecturers from all over the world have…

2006.02.14 |

ASB Summer University 2006

ASB is happy to introduce Summer University for MSc students. It is now possible to take electives during the summer period 2006 - ASB Summer University is divided into two consecutive terms during the period 17 July-25 August. What do you get from attending the ASB Summer University? High academic level Intercultural competences Credits Global…

2006.02.06 |

New exchange students at ASB

On 23-29 January, 140 exchange students were given an introduction to Aarhus and to ASB. We joined the students on the third day of the introductory week and went for a "cross town rally" in Aarhus where the students experienced the throbbing of Aarhus on an ordinary Thursday afternoon. It was also an opportunity to talk to some of the new…

2006.02.03 |

Morten Balling retires

Professor Morten Balling retires and looks back at 42 years at ASBA position as a librarian was what brought Morten Balling to ASB in the first place. However, he soon moved on to a position as assistant lecturer in economics. Why financing? Morten Balling's great interest in financing and monetary policy was awoken during his MA…

2007.06.11 |

Old friends celebrated 40 year anniversary at ASB

The class of 1967 was reunited at ASB on Thursday 10th May in a joyous occasion. Former lecturer Nils Villemoes and his fellow students from 1967 was invited back to recapture old times at ASB. Dean Børge Obel welcomed the 26 delegates and almost at once the memories started to emerge among the jubilees. After the welcoming reception the…

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