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2008.04.04 |

The moment of truth

On Thursday afternoon part of the pressure was lifted from the shoulders of this year's Grundfos Challenge participants. The 14 teams handed in their suggestions of how Grundfos can make a difference in a sustainable development for the fast growing BRIC countries. All the hard work is over! – or is it? Friday all participating teams are…

2007.03.19 |

New language - new profile

Director of Study, Frank Pedersen is convinced that international topics will become increasingly predominant as programmes are taught in English. - Internationalisation means that some of the Danish topics will be replaced by more internationally oriented topics. By changing the teaching language, study programmes will reflect the new globalised…

2006.04.05 |

Course Evaluation: Courses have been selected

The courses for the spring evaluation have now been selected, and according to plan the evaluation will take place in the weeks before and after Easter. Teachers of the selected courses will receive an envelope with the questionnaires for class distribution 10 minutes before ending the class. After the students' answering the questionnaire, a…

2011.04.14 |

Western Totalitarianism. A Reminder

New book by Mehdi Mozaffari with Sara Normann Thordsen