700 graduate students connect with business life

2008.07.16 | kibl

The introduction days this year for new master degree students at Aarhus School of Business will be different to those of previous years. This is because, for the first time ever, master degree students will have the opportunity to see how companies operate at close hand as part of their introduction to the master programme.

The initiative is called 'A Day in a Company', and its purpose is to give students and companies the opportunity to get to know one another better.

"With this new initiative, we want to target the introduction programme more towards the students' futures as well as opening up opportunities for broad cooperation between the business world, the educational institution and the students," explains Louise Elkjær Kristensen, who is coordinating this year's introduction to the master programme.

Mutual desire for contact and dialogue
The people behind the initiative have noticed a clear trend of master degree students being increasingly interested in having a job which is related to their studies while they are studying, and wanting to maintain a dialogue with the companies because this is where their future lies.

And this desire for dialogue also exists within the companies. This fact provides the new initiative with excellent prospects of the students getting to know the company and making it an attractive workplace in the form of a study job or as somewhere for a future career.

"'A Day in a Company' is a unique opportunity to build bridges between the students and our company. We want to use the day to give new MSc in Business Administration students an insight into everyday life at one of the country's largest companies, whilst also showing them how their education can be appliedput into practice," says Peter Lyager, HR Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the participating companies.

Between 100 and 150 companies, mainly those based in East Jutland, are taking part in the new one-day work experience programme this year.

Aarhus as a leading city of education
In addition to improving conditions for students, the organisers hope that with this new event Aarhus School of Business can achieve even closer contact with the business world and help to create a strong and healthy business sector in East Jutland.

In the longer term, the new initiative will also help to profile Aarhus School of Business as the business world's international university and make Aarhus a city with first-class educational facilities.

"From this year the introduction programme has been changed so that from now on it will do a much better job of meeting the students' needs, utilising the unexploited opportunities within the companies as well as helping Aarhus to achieve its desired status as a leading city of education," explains Louise Elkjær Kristensen.

– This year the introduction programme will take place on 29-30 August and is open to all new master degree students at Aarhus School of Business who are starting their studies after the summer break.
– The change to the induction process means that Friday 5 September will this year be used as an extra introduction day for company visits by students.
– The theme for this year's introduction programme is Career Development & Possibilities, which covers the aim of both the master's degree programme (to develop the student's career) and the work experience (to give an insight into future career opportunities).
– 600-700 students will be taking part in the work experience day

Further information
Louise Elkjær Kristensen
Master Introduction Coordinator
Tel.: +45 28 88 66 21
Email: cmintro@studenterlauget.dk

Anna Maria Kølner-Augustson
Master Introduction Coordinator
Tel.: +45 40 33 37 26
Email: aa@studenterlauget.dk

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