Changes to Nobel Park

Many of the physical aspects of Nobel Park are to change over the coming year. The intention is to create shared areas that are both functional and inviting.

2012.08.23 | Didde Trolle Pedersen

There is plenty of space in the shared areas of Nobel Park. What is lacking, however, is 'ambience' and places to spend some time. This is now set to change, and the goal is to introduce alterations that will make both the shared areas and the canteen more functional and more pleasant.

A lighter, airier Nobel Library
Changes have already been made in one place. Over the course of 2012, a major project was completed to renovate the library, which now welcomes students to a lighter, more open facility with many new study areas – both for individual immersion and work in study teams around the open tables or the sofa groups. Patrons will also be able to book group meeting rooms, and work is currently underway on a new relaxation and reading room.

Photo: The new Nobel Library

Photo: The new Nobel Library

New design for the canteen
During the summer, the Nobel Canteen and the areas around it will be extensively remodelled.

The existing long sales counter, which often results in long queues, will be replaced by two checkouts. Two buffets will be set up featuring a variety of cold and warm dishes, along with a single counter for hot meals and a corner devoted exclusively to coffee. Together, these measures will give patrons a better overview of the dishes available, allowing them more time to enjoy their lunch break. It is expected that the new layout will improve the flow in the canteen, which is sure to be a meeting point for many students and staff as from September.

In addition, the canteen will be furnished with new tables and chairs that will make the facility more accommodating and a more pleasant place to spend some time. The new canteen table model features a strong and simple design which means that it requires only few points of support. Not only does the design give the table a "floating" expression, but it also makes it possible to pull up more chairs – so larger groups can sit together.

More places to meet and study
It is not only the canteen itself that is to be redesigned, all the surrounding areas are to be remodelled as well. Seating areas with cushions will be established on the main stairs, and a number of soft sofa groups will be set up on the balconies. As an added bonus, the soft components in the furnishing solution will have a beneficial effect on the acoustics. High tables and chairs will be introduced around the large columns by the windows, providing a good view of the canteen and the outdoor areas.

In Psychology’s former library on the ground floor next to the canteen, a study lounge will be established with small round tables and sofa sets. 

As an extension to the first floor of the canteen, building 1484 will be designed to accommodate study activities. It will be possible for students to study on their own here, enjoying a lovely view out over the green areas. Of course, students can also choose to meet up with their study colleagues around the tables by the niches in the south end.

New large study environment and Friday bar
In direct extension to the canteen, a large new study environment will be established in the immediate future – which all students at Nobel are sure to enjoy. The firm of architects CF Møller has been commissioned to come up with a suggestion for how the 400 m2 or so of former depot space can be converted into an attractive study environment and Friday bar. It will be a comprehensive project which will, for example, require a large excavation to the north to turn the dark basement facilities into a great place to study and party.

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