Check of course registrations in the fall 2019

It is time to check your course registrations for the fall 2019. If you are about to attend 5th semester and have to register for electives please see further information below.

2019.04.30 | Julie Drejer Kornum

It is important that you check your course registrations for the fall semester in the period May 1st – 5th. If you are not registered or you are registered incorrectly, you need to contact your Study Administrator (see below) from your student mail in the period May 1st – 5th. You should be extra aware if you have a specially planned study program, you have credit transfer or have moved from another study.

If you do not check your course registrations in the period May 1st – 5th and contact us about possible mistakes, we cannot guarantee a seat in the lectures or that you will be able to follow the same tutorial as earlier. Check your course and tutorials on STADS self-service in the period May 1st – 5th.

Registration for electives in the fall 2019:

You have to be aware of several things. Please read all the information below before registering at the Self-service (STADS).

The registration period for electives for the fall 2019 is May 1st – 5th

The courses that are available in your registration form in STADS, are the ones that approved for your programme. Further information about each course can be found in the Course Catalogue. You will be able to sort out the courses that are relevant if you search on the filters “your education”, “autumn semester” and “2019”.

Binding registration for courses
Note that registration for electives are binding. It will be possible to cancel your registration while the registration form is open May 1st – 5th. Hence, when your registration is approved you cannot deregister without permission from the board of studies. However, if you get an exchange stay or a guest student enrolment after you have selected your courses, you will be able to deregister courses correspondingly.

Maximum period of study and demand for study progress

If you register for less than 30 ECTS, it is important that you are aware of the rules about maximum period of study and demand for study progress. It is you own responsibility to comply with these rules.

Check your student email
The registrations for electives will be checked regularly. Therefore, it is important that you check your student email during and after the registration period, as we will contact you by your student email, if we make changes in your registrations or if a course is cancelled.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact your Study Administrator, by sending an email from your student mail with your education and your student ID.