Guest talk by Richard Jenkins: "Believing, belonging, or what?: religion and secularisation in Denmark"

Tuesday, 23 May 2011 at Aarhus University. Open to all. Organiser: Centre for Sociological Studies at Aarhus University (CESAU)



Professor of sociology at the University of Sheffield, Richard Jenkins will be visiting Aarhus University on May 23 with the lecture: 'Believing, belonging, or what?: religion and secularisation in Denmark'. Religion in the Nordic lands has achieved a significant position in the sociological debate about secularisation, with the development of concepts such as 'belonging without believing' and 'vicarious religion'. Using data from Jenkins own field research in Denmark, supplemented by survey material, he will critique these concepts and propose a new way of looking at the issues.

The lecture takes place

on May 23, 15.00-17.00
Bygn. 1441, lok. 112 (Auditorium 2).. Location will be announced later on CESAU's website.