Staggering number of applicants for postgraduate study programmes

2009.07.08 | kibl

More graduates from ASB combined with a marked increase in the number of international students means that the number of applicants for ASB's postgraduate study programmes has surpassed all expectations.

A staggering 251 students more than last year want to continue their studies on ASB's postgraduate programmes. The study programmes in economics and business administration have seen the greatest increase in applicants, with 237 more than in 2008.

- Basically, we face a positive but challenging problem. The huge number of applicants means that we need to urgently look at the availability of teaching facilities and launch more educational activities on the study lines which have seen a particularly large increase in applicants, says Peder Østergaard, Vice Dean, Director of Education, adding that the reason for the increased level of interest in taking a master's degree at ASB is probably the financial crisis and the fact that we are producing more BSc in Economics and Business Administration graduates. At the same time, he emphasises that it confirms ASB's reputation as a good place to study, and that we have been successful at internationalising our study programmes. The actual number of international applicants totals 2,280, and it has called for applicants to be ruthlessly sorted according to their qualifications to cut the number down to the 449 qualified applicants who have now been offered places at ASB.

The MSc in Marketing has proved particularly popular with an increase from 67 to 154. On the language and business communication study programmes, the increase is more moderate with fourteen more students, and it is reassuring to see that the Master of Arts in International Business Communications in French has thirteen new students at a time when non-English language programmes are facing an uphill struggle.

> See the statistics for all study programmes in this PDF

Stricter admission requirements on the horizon
The impressive number of applicants means that from next year stricter admission requirements may be introduced for the MA/MSc study programmes at ASB.

- The number of applicants this year means that we will break with our recently adopted strategy of maintaining the number of day students at a similar level to last year. CBS is facing the same problem, and we have therefore started working with CBS, with our respective directors of study meeting in August to decide the criteria for admission requirements which will come into effect from summer 2010, explains Peder Østergaard.

Considerable interest in MScIT
On the MSc in Information Technology (IT, Communication and Organisation) programme, which is not included in the overall figures, we are also seeing a dramatic increase compared to the 32 applicants we had last year. This year's figure is 56. This is obviously wonderful, but again it presents a challenge to ensure adequate facilities and teaching staff.

Figures for the number of people applying to the BA/BSc programmes are expected to be ready at the end of week 28.

Further information:

Peder Østergaard, Vice Dean, Director of Education
Extn: 86644