Increasing satisfaction among students


A new survey carried out among 1,381 ASB students at all levels shows great satisfaction and a good image among the students. The results are better than in the last survey in 2005.

On a scale from 0 – 100 (100=perfect, 50=pass), the students' overall satisfaction with ASB has increased from 60 to 63. The perception of ASB's image has increased from 63 to 72. The areas whose scores have increased most since 2005 include satisfaction with the study environment and professional relations between students (from 61 to 69), ASB's contact with business (from 66 to 76), ASB's engagement with society (from 71 to 78) and ASB's international focus (from 65 to 74).

A top scorer in the survey is careers advice during the studies (approx. 80), a positive result for ASB's Careers Centre, established in December 2005 to improve the students' career opportunities during and after their studies. Peder Østergaard, Dean of Education, who always follows the development of new business areas with interest, is pleased the right choice was made.

The satisfaction with buildings, study structure and subjects offered remains relatively low, just over 50, partly due to the lack of space. Østergaard is not surprised by the result, but expects the situation to be improved by the additional 5,000 square metres to be built on the playing field and the likely takeover of the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, in the summer. The new physical framework will not only provide more teaching space, but also allow ASB to develop its teaching methods.

 Main results



 Overall satisfaction





















Image covers, e.g., whether ASB is innovative, has good contacts with business, is international etc.

Expectations relate to the studies and ASB generally.

Hardware covers material conditions such as buildings, facilities, study structure, subjects offered etc.

Software covers human issues such as teacher qualifications, relationship with fellow students, general service etc.

Value perception relates to, e.g., future career opportunities.

Loyalty to ASB covers, e.g., whether the students will recommend it to others or return after graduation for further studies.

It is planned to undertake such surveys every other year.