Information meeting in the Nobel Park a great success

Around 240 students participated in the information meeting in the Nobel Park on 24 August, where they were introduced to their new study environment and the many changes in the coming semester.

2012.09.05 | Didde Trolle Pedersen

Delicacies were served by Studenterhusfonden

The lecture hall in the Nobel Park was packed at the information meeting

- The relocation process and the consequential changes have resulted in a great need for information, and the fact that so many students attend such an event one and a half weeks before the semester begins only shows that they crave for information and are very responsive when it is offered, says Gitte Gade from the Communication Council, which has played a major role in the planning of the event.

The lecture hall in the Nobel Park was completely packed when Gitte Gade welcomed the large number of Language and Business Communication students who are moving from Fuglesangs Allé to the Nobel Park. Vice-Dean for Education Peder Østergaard introduced the students to the main ideas behind the relocation at the entire Business and Social Sciences (BSS), after which Head of Department of Business Communication Christa Thomsen provided information about the departmental aspects of the relocation to Nobel. Finally, Technical Manager Eigil Jensen informed the students about the various physical changes that will take place in the Nobel Park in the near future in order to give the students the best possible framework for a good study environment.

After a guided tour of the Nobel Park and the Nobel Library, the participants were able to relax and have some fun in the cafeteria where the band "For the Record" was playing, and food and refreshments were served.

- My impression is definitely that people enjoyed themselves very much, and they especially loved the guided tour because it gave them a much better insight into their new study environment, and they felt more ready to get started after the holidays, says Gitte Gade, who feels that the event was a great success.

- An event such as this one is exactly the reason why the Communication Council exists – to make sure that the students have a good study environment and receive the right information, which will make it easier for them to focus on their studies.

The relocation at BSS has generally resulted in a number of challenges, and the need for information has been and still is great among the students. All Study Portals at BSS contain the most relevant information regarding the relocation, and many students have also joined the Facebook page “flytninger.bss”, which means that they regularly receive updates on the relocation, changes and events of various kinds.

> You can see the slides from the presentations in the Nobel Park here as well as visualizations of the changes to the Nobel Park (only in Danish)

> Join the Facebook page on the relocation process at BSS: