Mapping of students use of CampusNet


According to a recent survey, 93 per cent of students find that CampusNet makes life easier.

According to Francois Pichon, e-learning coordinator at the Faculty of Language and Business Communication, the conclusion is that students are very pleased with CampusNet and use it daily.  Virtually all 1,400 respondents use CampusNet for 75 per cent of their subjects, while 50 per cent use it for all their subjects.

However, the survey also revealed that students are often confused by the different ways in which lecturers use CampusNet. Guidelines will now be laid down to increase user-friendliness, says project manager Lone Sannemann.

To ensure that CampusNet is developed in line with student needs and requirements, a panel of students is being appointed to strengthening the role of CampusNet as an effective learning tool.