ASB.DK in new wrapping

From today, all webpages are hosted in the AU content management system. The design has been adjusted to follow the AU design guide, and all information about employees is now pulled from the AU systems.


The ASB websites will now appear as a much more integrated part of the AU. All main academic areas are now using the same Content Management System, making it possible to share news and content across the organization. Web development is coordinated centrally and ASB Media looks forward to partake of the solutions which are developed for the system.

Increased speed

ASB Media expects the system will make it much easier to move around on the ASB web pages. It will give our users a better experience, but also editors will experience a significant improvement in speed when setting up pages. And especially the editors have played a major role in the conversion to the new system, cleaning up, correcting and regrouping information and pages, so that the app. 15000 ASB websites now appear inviting and updated.

Employee sites in PURE

The PURE system is owned by AU Communications, who makes all major decisions about design and system integration. It has been decided that all employee data will be displayed in PURE. At ASB we have previously used PURE for research registration, but in the future, all employees will get an staff page in the PURE system with eg. contact information and picture.

ASB Media is still supporting

While waiting for a new shared website for the Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences, we will continue with the ASB Media is still responsible for the administration, but the server is located centrally at AU. ASB Media will continue to manage communication, training and support to all CMS editors at ASB.