Morten Balling retires


Professor Morten Balling retires and looks back at 42 years at ASB

Morten BallingA position as a librarian was what brought Morten Balling to ASB in the first place. However, he soon moved on to a position as assistant lecturer in economics.

Why financing?

Morten Balling's great interest in financing and monetary policy was awoken during his MA studies in Economics by Erik Hoffmeyer, who later became Governor of Danmarks Nationalbank.

- Moreover, the 1960s and 1970s was an extremely interesting time which saw major changes within the world of finance and foreign exchange, says Morten Balling, who in 1969 became Director of Study at the newly established Department of Finance and Credit and thus able to concentrate on financing.

Career peaks

For Morten Balling, particular peaks in his career were his book publications and his appointment as professor in 1974. The most outstanding experience was, however, being elected as Rector in the autumn of 1993 – a position he held for almost eight years.

Valuable board work

During his many years at ASB, Morten Balling has held various honorary offices on different boards.

- It has always been a privilege for me to be able to sit on various boards concurrently with my work as a researcher and lecturer at ASB. It has helped build a bridge between theory and practice, explains Morten Balling.

An entire working life at ASB

- I couldn't imagine any other workplace offering more exciting and liberal working conditions than ASB. For 42 years, I have witnessed the most amazing developments and basically been happy to go to work every day.

Gradual retirement

Even though Morten Balling retires, he will remain in contact with both ASB and the research world.

- I have agreed to give lectures in connection with this year's Summer University and stay on as a member of the board of SUERF – a European financial research organisation, says Morten Balling, who will also continue working on various research projects.