Studenterforum contributes to ASB accreditation

2008.12.04 | mge

You are bound to have noticed the small EQUIS logo on your teachers' PowerPoint slides and the ASB website. But what importance does this little logo actually have for you as a student and how does ASB Studenterforum, the union for all ASB students, contribute to ensuring that ASB maintains EQUIS accreditation?

The international EQUIS accreditation is given only to the best business schools in the world. ASB has been accredited since 2001, and it is now time to fight to maintain the quality mark. In this process, ASB's students are important partners, and ASB Studenterforum is therefore involved in the work as a representative of all ASB students.

Student working group
To be reaccredited, ASB must prepare an extensive report on our study environment. In this connection, ASB's management asked Studenterforum if we would help prepare the report. Therefore, a working group consisting of 10 students from various study programmes participated in the work on the report during the autumn. The report indicates how students at ASB find the teaching, the teachers and the social environment at ASB.

EQUIS is very important
At first glance, it may be hard to see the importance of the little logo. But despite its insignificant size, the mark is extremely important to us in several areas.

It is important for our chances to be involved in exchanges. Several foreign institutions will only accept students from accredited business schools. EQUIS accreditation can also be of decisive importance on the labour market, particularly if you are looking for a job abroad. If ASB is to maintain its place as one of the world's best business schools, it is, therefore, necessary to maintain the approval that EQUIS represents.

By Karim Frølund, Vice Chair of ASB Studenterforum, MA student in Corporate Communication

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- EQUIS stands for European Quality Improvement System and functions as international quality assurance of business schools worldwide.

- EQUIS is awarded to only 120 business schools in the world.

- ASB first gained EQUIS accreditation in 2001.

- In addition to EQUIS, ASB is also working to gain the US AACSB accreditation.

- During March 2009, an EQUIS committee will visit ASB. Among other things, they will conduct focus group interviews with students.