ASB meets criticism


A new evaluation report carried out by Denmark's Evaluation Institute (EVI), criticises that the BSc programme in Economics and Business Administration is offered in too many variations and at too many places, and states that many programmes lack the economic essence. ASB is, however, doing fairly well in these areas.

Strengthened economic focus at ASB
Last year, ASB introduced reforms of the BSc (HA) programmes, which has strengthened the economic focus, especially in connection with the combination programmes. EVI considers this a significant strength of the ASB BSc (HA) programmes and is also impressed by the fact that the BSc (HA) programmes have one common study committee and one director of study. 

As for internationalisation, ASB's initiative to establish a language policy is believed to set a good example together with the ASB objective to translate all curriculums into English.

EVI points out that ASB should increase its focus on internationalisation and could develop the career guidance and improve the contact between the business community and the students during the programme, e.g. assisted by the ASB Business and Career Centre.

-The evaluation report provides food for thought in connection with many areas, but I am very satisfied that the conclusions support our ideas and visions of the reform that we are already implementing, says Director of Study (BSc programmes) Erik Kloppenborg