ASB students expect less pay than CBS students

2008.12.04 | kibl

ASB students expect less pay than CBS students
Two brand new surveys conducted by Universum and Reputation Institute and Moment reveal what students at ASB are looking for when they have to go out and get their first job and how much they expect to be paid. They also disclose how satisfied the students are with ASB.

Reputation Institute and Moment conduct the "WorkRep" Denmark survey every year, while Universum conducts the "Universum Student Survey" every year. This year's WorkRep survey reveals, among other things, that students at ASB attach great importance to being able to vouch for a company's products when they choose a career path, while the survey by Universum shows general satisfaction with ASB as an educational institution.

Good products, challenges and international experience are top of the list
According to the WorkRep survey, it is extremely important for the students at ASB to be able to vouch for the products and services that their future employer offers. After this, they want challenging tasks, closely followed by the opportunity to gain international experience. On the other hand, equal job opportunities for all employees, flexible working hours and a good work/private life balance are given lower priority.

The survey also reveals the students' knowledge of Danish companies. The top five are: 1. Carlsberg, 2. Lego, 3. DSB, 4. Arla Foods and 5. Vestas. However, the survey says nothing about whether these companies are known for anything positive or negative.

In respect of expectations of their first salary, 39.2% of students at ASB reply that they expect a monthly salary of between DKK 25,000 and 28,999. 30.3% expect a monthly salary of DKK 29,000-32,999, while 5.7% expect a monthly salary of DKK 33,000-36,999. Students at CBS expect slightly higher salaries. At CBS, 15.2% of students expect a monthly salary of DKK 33,000-36,999.

The students' attitude to the merger with Aarhus University was also revealed in the WorkRep survey, and their attitude is positive. There is a general belief that the merger with Aarhus University will have a positive effect on ASB as an institution, that the merger will reinforce ASB's position nationally and internationally and that the merger will enhance students' academic development potential.

Students are generally very satisfied with ASB
The survey by Universum focuses on how satisfied the students the business community etc. 62% are generally very satisfied with ASB.

The survey also shows that marketing/advertising, management consulting and investment banking are the most popular industries among students and that students choose a job on the basis of where they are given challenging tasks and a future good reference on their CV.

- Download the WorkRep 2008 survey here (in Danish)
- Download the Universum Student Survey 2008 here

By Kit Balle Laursen