What do the new re-exam rules mean to you as a student?

2008.06.30 | mabe

As you can read in another article in Outline, the new re-exam rules are the result of a new Ministerial Order on University Examinations. These new rules mean that the current half-yearly examination system will be abolished and that all exams will be either a winter or a summer exam. But what do these new rules mean to you as a student? And are there any differences in the rules depending on whether you study languages, communication or economics?

The new re-examination rules apply to all ASB students – regardless of study programme or semester – and imply some advantages for the students. Basically, the new rules mean faster re-exams, and this means an opportunity to complete the studies faster. Another advantage in future is automatic registration for exams.

According to the new rules, which take effect as from August 2008, the ordinary summer exam is held in May-June as usual, after which the re-exam will be in August. The ordinary winter exam is held in December-January, after which it will be possible to take a re-exam in the last week of February. This summer exam, there will be an interim agreement that makes it possible to take a re-exam in August 2008 and again in December-January, if you fail the ordinary summer exam. From February 2009 the new rules take effect.

The new Examination Order did get a mixed reception at the different study programmes. The Study Committee for Undergraduate Programmes in Business Administration is satisfied with the new rules: "The new rules give the student an opportunity to finish the course relatively fast despite of a failed exam. Further, the student is rather up-to-date with the material and might not have to re-read the entire curriculum again".

The Study Committee for Undergraduate Programmes in Language and Business Communication is more sceptical about the new rules. The main reason is that their students finish many courses with a written assignment, and it will be difficult for the students to write a new 30 page assignment in only three weeks. Another problem is the winter week exams, which might be difficult to have in the last week of February, especially if the student has to take other re-exams in the same week. Further, students failing their first and second examination attempt will have to wait one year to end the course, as opposed to the former half-yearly exam system.

In the Study Committee for Postgraduate Programmes in Business Administration it was emphasised that the students did not want the last week of February to be without teaching. Students might be tempted to use this week as preparation for exams and deliberately use an examination attempt to postpone the exam to this week. Besides, "the good student" should not suffer from loosing one week of teaching in the spring semester and put further pressure on the courses. Instead, it is planned that students and teachers together adapt the classes to the re-exams in the last week of February.

The focus of ASB Studenterforum is to make the new rules are applicable for all students regardless their study programme. As we represent the students on equal terms with the teachers in the Study Committees, we will work for suitable adjustments of the different examination forms in order to solve this problem the best possible way – the new re-exam rules should benefit ALL ASB students.

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