Pitstop with Djøf - Drop by and hear about the member benefits (Fuglesangs Allé)

Do you know which benefits you have access to as a member of Djøf? Stop by the S Building and hear about their various offers and services and find out how to become a member.

2019.08.21 | Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni

Date Tue 26 Nov
Time 11:00 14:30
Location Aarhus BSS, Fuglesangs Allé 4, S Building - Upper Multi Room

Djøf is a trade union for graduates and students studying law, business economics, and political and social sciences. They support their members in diverse ways, covering everything from personal finances to studying and career.

Did you know that as a member, you will get access to discounts on e.g. insurance and study books? Djøf also organises courses and events to give you a head start on your studies. As a member, you can receive individual career counselling and advice for studying abroad. Stop by and learn more about the member benefits.   


All students at Aarhus BSS can participate. You do not need to sign up. Just stop by the when you have a few minutes between 11:00 and 14:30. 

Practical information

Date: Tuesday 26 November 2019

Time: 11.00-14.30

Location: Aarhus BSS, Fuglesangs Allé 4, S Building - Upper Multi Room

Language: English and Danish

Price: Free

Contact: Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni

Aarhus BSS
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