Internet exam

Internet exams will be conducted on the digital exam platform WISEflow. The assignment will be made available on the time stated on the exam plan.

Before the exam takes place it is possible to log on to the platform and create an overview over the structure, and functionality, and test the demo-exam automatically attached to your profile.

The platform is accessible on:

Login can happen in two ways:

  1. Through WAYF with your normal login and password from AU’s Self Service
  2. By the use of NemLogin (key card)

After login you can change the language to English by clicking on your name, ‘ret profil’ and click on the flag.

You can find general information about and guidance in the use of WISEflow on the web page:

NB!! The paper can ONLY be uploaded as pdf-file.

What do I do if I cannot upload my paper?

It is always your own responsibility that the paper is uploaded before deadline. We therefore recommend that you commence the upload of your paper at the same time where you normally would start to print it. Start early to prevent possible unexpected difficulties. The system does not allow exceeding of the deadline.

Should problems regarding upload occur, please contact Aarhus BSS Servicedesk for support - you can find the contact information and opening hours here - BSS Servicedesk

The paper should NOT be handed in/sent to your teacher.