Courses abroad

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Both prior to, during and after your study abroad, you will need documentation and information about courses at your host university. Below is an overview of what you have to be aware of related to courses when planning to study abroad. In the left side menu under Pre-approval you can read more about applying for pre-approval of credit transfer.  

Application to Aarhus BSS (Course Selection)

In order to be allocated an exchange position, you must show that you can find courses worth 30 ECTS at the host university. For each of the universities you apply for in MoveON, you must fill in information on course selection at host university. The courses are not binding and it is not an application for pre-approval of courses, but an indication that the host university offers courses that are interesting and relevant to you. It can be time-consuming to find the relevant courses, so make sure that you have plenty of time to do this. If the course offerings for the semester you are applying for are not yet available, you can find course offerings from previous semesters.

As inspiration you can find a list of previously pre-assessed courses on your study portal under Counselling > Preapproval and credit transfer > Pre-assessed courses. The list is only for guidance, and may give you an idea of the courses taken by former AU students. The list does not cover all courses offered at each partner university. Use the filter function to find your study programme.

Pre-approval of courses

Once you have been admitted to the host university, you can start preparing your application for pre-approval of courses. Learn more under Pre-approval in the left side menu. 

Courses at host university

When choosing courses make sure to follow the host university's instructions. The procedures for how and when to sign up for courses varies a lot. Some students will apply for courses while applying for admission and others will not apply for courses until shortly before semester start. 

Learning Agreement

If going on an ERASMUS exchange, you must also complete an ERASMUS Learning Agreement. The courses in your Learning Agreement must be the courses you have had pre-approved and been admitted to at the host university. You must fill out a Learning Agreement in order to receive an Erasmus scholarship. When you are ready to have your Learning Agreement signed, please send it to: or visit Aarhus BSS International (1443 - 021). Please make sure to attach a copy of your Pre-approval when sending your Learning Agreement. Aarhus BSS students in Herning should send to:

Credit transfer

When you have completed your study abroad you will receive a transcript of records from the host university. When you have received your transcript you must apply for credit transfer. If you have passed all your pre-approved courses, these will be inserted into your AU study programme after applying for credit transfer. Learn more under "Credit transfer" in the left-side menu. 


Students who study abroad as Freemovers must apply for pre-approval and later for credit transfer following the same procedures as students studying abrod through the university's exchange agreements. When you apply for pre-approval you must upload documentation that you have applied to or been admitted to your host university.