Courses during daytime (Tompladsordningen)

The following groups are admitted to take courses during daytime:

  • students from a Danish university that do not get credit transfer.
  • students from within EU-EEA – either with or without credit transfer.
  • students from outside EU-EEA – either with or without credit transfer.
  • non-students who wish to attend single subject courses as part of a continuing education.

As a single subject student you can take courses during daytime. For an additional fee you can attend a class and take the exam together with full-time students.

In order to be admitted there has to be available seats on the course you apply for and you must meet the specific admission requirements.


Admission requirements

Admission requirements WITH credit transfer:

All applications for admission are considered individually and the admission requirements depend on which courses within business communication and business language you apply for, but in general the following directions can be said:

  • Admission at master's level requires that you have passed your bachelor's degree equaling 180 ECTS and a certificate that shows your skills in the teaching language.
  • For admission at bachelor's level in some cases there will be made demands for a certain level of entry in language.
  • You have to get full credit transfer for the courses at your own institution.
  • There has to be available seats on the course you apply for.


Admission requirements WITHOUT credit transfer:

For bachelor courses
In general you have to fulfill the admission requirements to the full study programme of which the single subject courses is a part of, which means a high school degree with specific demands as to subject levels. It is therefore very different what the demands can be for a course, and admission will always be based on individual assessment of your educational background. However, you can say in general that courses within the BA MMC demand a specific language level.

For master courses
To be admitted as a single subject student on MA in Corporate Communication you have to have completed a bachelor degree in communication or the like. If you have a higher education in another area, admission requirements are a completed master's degree.


Please notice:

  • That if we have full admission, and thus no free seats on the first year, it is not possible to apply for courses in the first and second semester of our undergraduate programs within business communication.
  • We cannot guarantee that all courses will be established.
  • A course can be cancelled even before the registration deadline. Therefore always ask at The Student Counsellors' Office if you want the latest updated information about courses.
  • We cannot guarantee that class schedules do not collide.
  • That the courses that you have applied for may have either recommended or mandatory prerequisites. These are described in the course description in the course catalogue. It is your own responsibility to live up to these prerequisites, and you are therefore not allowed to delay the teaching on the basis of any lacking knowledge entailed in these.



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