Procedure: registration for elective courses - bachelor

Registration deadlines:

The registration deadline for electives is from 1st-5th May for courses in the autumn semester and from 1st-5th of November in the spring semester.

Please note that it is your own responsibility to check, whether or not your registration is accepted. The status of your registration will be available maximum 1 week after your registration.


You sign up for electives online at Then click on “Student Self-Service (STADS)”. By May 5th/November 5th the registrations will be final for all students who were admitted to the courses they applied for, however the students’ academic regulations are always considered.

Some of the elective courses may have restricted admission or may be cancelled due to only a few registrations. In case the courses are oversubscribed, lots will be drawn for the seats. Students who were not admitted to the requested courses after the registration deadline, e.g. due to cancellation or restricted admission, will be contacted via their student email in order to register for courses with empty seats. Students can only register for courses that have empty seats after the first round of registration.

Students can only unregister from one or more courses in connection with:

You can only deregister from courses, if you can document one of the above reasons. However, deregistration is only possible if the course registration at AU and the credit module/exchange/internship are placed on the same semester. Therefore, you cannot withdraw from courses at AU and replace them with other study-related activities that take place at a later semester or e.g. during the summer period between two semesters.

Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that there will not be time overlap between your electives when the time schedules for the semester are final. If this is the case, students will likewise have the opportunity to re-register.