Project-based Internship - Master - Corporate Communication

Guidelines for internships on communication programmes

Subject to prior approval, an internship can be placed on the third semester of the programme in question.


The goal of the internship programme is for the student to put the theoretical and methodological qualifications that he/she has acquired throughout the study programme to use in solving assignments on the highest professional level and take on professional functions in a company or institution that is of relevance to the courses the student has taken on the first two semesters. The internship programme qualifies the student to reflect on and discuss the practical application and implications of these theories.


Registration for the internship programme takes place through the online self-service system. Registration is open from 1 to 5 May.

Internship contract

The student is responsible for finding an internship host company and concluding the contract. The agreement must include, among other things, a description of the work to be performed, the time frame for the internship, the scope of the internship (measured in working hours) and the name and contact information of the contact person within the company. The description of the work to be performed must be such that it is possible to determine the academic relevance and level of the internship. The internship contract is available here:

  • Internship contract (MA in International Business Communication/MA in Corporate Communication)

Please note that different requirements and approval procedures apply depending on which programme you are enrolled in. See what is applicable for your programme below.

The internship is part of a programme that consists of:

  • work placement in a company
  • a portfolio
  • two seminars distributed over the course of the semester

Internship programme in the field of corporate communication:

Prior approval and supervision

In order for the internship to form part of the study programme, the supervisor must pre-approve the internship programme.

The student should NOT directly contact the course coordinator in order to obtain a preliminary approval of the internship programme. When the student and the internship host organisation have signed the contract, it must be submitted (without the course coordinator’s signature) directly to, who is responsible for obtaining the course coordinator’s signature and approval. The student will then receive a copy of the internship contract.

Subsequently the student will be assigned a supervisor.

Submission of internship contract for preliminary approval

  • The contract must be submitted no later than 7 August

Internship-based Master's Thesis

The project-based internship may form the basis for writing an Internship-based Master’s Thesis.

Additional information


Companies that affiliate students in project-based internships can give them an acknowledgement to show their appreciation. Students can accept acknowledgements up to a maximum of 3000 Danish kroner per month besides their monthly student grant (SU).
A project-based internship forms part of your education as it is an integrated part of the courses constituting your degree programme. Therefore, students are eligible to receive SU while they take part in a project-based internship. Please note, as a student you cannot accept a salary during your project-based internship. This also applies if you give up your SU.
Students cannot expect to receive a permanent monthly acknowledgement from the company. Furthermore, you cannot make an agreement on beforehand that ensures a monthly acknowledgement
However, the student and the company can make an agreement from which it appears that the student can receive an acknowledgement for her/his efforts.

Legislation and salary

A number of countries (e.g. France and Germany) have legislation that requires companies to disburse a salary to students when they work for the company as part of a project-based internship.
Students can receive the salary constituted by law, if they participate in a project-based internship in one of the countries where salaries are required.
However, it is important to emphasize that the student cannot receive SU while they also receive a salary from the place of internship.
Students must at all times be able to document that it is a legal requirement before they are allowed to receive salary in connection with a project-based internship.


Read more about registration for the re-examination. You can register for the re-examination by sending an email to Tina Aronro, 

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